Friday, 29 July 2016

There's always time for tea.

After being dropped off at the station by Malcolm's wife, I worked out a route to get to Princeton. It was surprisingly expensive though so I'm pretty pissed off. It cost $11.50 to get to NYC Grand Central, $2.75 to get to Penn Station, and $16 to get to Princeton Junction, as well as another $3 to get to Princeton town itself. The whole journey was just lengthy and not a lot of fun, especially with my back in increasing pain. To make matters worse, when I got to Princeton it turns out there had been a miscommunication with my host (Marc), and he thought I wanted to look round Princeton, not that he lived right there - So I had to wait 45 minutes for him to pick me up. It was only 15 minutes away from his house though so didn't take long to get back after that.

Marc has a great house - well, it is his granddads but he is doing it up to sell it on for him. It meant there was plenty of room and super comfortable beds. Marc himself has a lot of odd random jobs that he does, all mainly related to IT/ web development/ promotional work. For example, he has to film himself doing anything for two hours a day and live-stream it to his friends app. He also has a company that charges men to text questions to real-live people to gain responses on things like how to reply to a particular girls message on tinder, or where to take a date etc. It's an interesting concept. While I wondered at first if men really need this advice, it became apparent they did! 

Meet Marco.
Anyway, Marc attempted to cook us dinner - I say attempted, not because he was a rubbish cook, far from it, but because I didn't eat it. He didn't mind though and just found it funny that I was like a baby trying things for the first time, he even said he felt envious that I got to experience it all new. Since he lived in China for a year, he is obsessed with Chinese products - from noodles to tea. He also lost a lot of weight over the past years and so now only eats largely organic products - my nightmare really!

He was a really funny guy though and great to be around so we headed to a real dive bar nearby for a couple of vodkas before curling up to watch 'Drunk History' - just as it sounds, drunk people retelling historic events. It was quite funny but soon got boring. I think it would be far better if you 100% knew all the events they were talking about. Anyway, after we watched the film hook and just passed out soon after. 

Yesterday my old tutor from Warwick, now at Oxford, phoned me for an hour to ask for some advice. But after I'd finally finished with him, Marco drove me to Princeton University so I could check out the town. Unfortunately he had a lot of work to do so couldn't accompany me around the town, but that was fine I just wandered around by myself.

I actually went on a university-organised tour of the campus too, but it started to chuck it down and my back was in so much agony though that I couldn't wait around much longer so left slightly before it ended. I also visited the Art museum, but, if you read my blog often, you'll know I don't actually find them that interesting, so I only stayed briefly before heading back out. After having a totally amazing burger, I decided to call it a day and bussed back to Marco’s.


Here's some interesting things I learnt today:
·      Princeton has eating clubs – These are private buildings that act as social houses for upperclassmen to eat their meals. They own a large mansion on Prospect Avenue and hire cooks. A selective interview process is required to join one!
·      In 1933 Albert Einstein became Resident Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study, and this lasted till his death in 1955 – he died in Princeton. Interestingly, he was once offered to become President of Israel, but he turned it down. 
·      Prospect garden was planted by Woodrow Wilson’s wife, Ellen, since he was once President of the University.
·      The official entrance of Princeton University is the Fitzrandolph Gate, legend has it that if you walk through the main gate before graduation, you will not finish your degree, so students avoid it religiously and only use it symbolically once they finish their degree.

Anyway, I fell asleep basically straight away, and just slept from 7pm onwards. Today I just hung out for a bit with Marco, and drank WAY too much tea, I felt like I physically had the sweats haha. I also just got super stressed out searching for my missing jeans. I’d spent $40 on these jeans from forever 21 just last week! I was so pissed off, no idea where an earth they could have got to, it was so annoying but classic me. Eventually I just had to give up, and Marco drove me to Trenton train station where I got a train for $9 to Philadelphia.

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