Sunday, 14 August 2016


Arriving in Yosemite around 11am, we were baffled as to where to camp, but pulling up to the NP we found a beautiful spot overlooking a lake. However, as we neared and got ready to take a space of someone leaving, they told us they had reservations for Tuolumne Meadows campground that was within the park and that we could buy off them. I jumped on the idea because I was set on hiking a mountain but was too scared to do it with others, so wanted a campsite that I could bus to and from, and TM provided just that. Check this website out though for a list of other potential sites along with their prices. The only thing I will say about TM though is that the bus wasn't exactly suitable for getting to Yosemite Valley, and I certainly wouldn't rely on it for majorly getting around, just to basic locations - the shuttle bus for example ($3 each way - no longer free as is often advertised) just about reached the start of the trail I did.

After setting up camp we decided to explore the area by vehicle first and set off on a small trip to Mirror Lake. Honestly, that was a huge waste of time as it had entirely dried up!

[Post to be continued shortly].

The one app I really recommend is the REI Coop Guide to National Parks application. It helped me navigate Cloud's Rest mountain. I would advise having a map handy too in case you get lost or run out of battery. 

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