Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tell the world I'm coming home.

I’ve never felt so emotional about a trip ending! While I’m excited to see friends and family back home, this has honestly been one of my favourite trips. The free-spirited adventure, the lack of plans, the surreal days and endless nights; it’s been one hell of a journey this summer. I’ve stayed with eighteen amazing hosts, and experienced unbelievable generosity. Just as I thought I’d had the world’s best experience, something else would amaze me.

I’ve had a student drive me six hours in one day so I could see the White Mountains, I’ve had another take me cliff jumping into a quarry with Mennonites sat watching us, I’ve been welcomed into friendship groups and toured with six French boys for a week, I’ve had strangers buy me dinner, share their food, their lives and open up their homes to me. The world is a beautiful, generous, gorgeous and wonderful place – don’t believe all you read in the paper. The world is filed with endless hope. To those of you that have hosted me reading this - Thank-you so much for making this time amazing - shout out to Matt, Sophie, Thi, Rob, Orpheus, Sanka, Malcolm, Marc, Lang, Anthony, Ivan, Barry, Gio, Siri, Andy, Scott & Ryan + the Frenchies! 

So the trip highlights?
I’ve had a few close friends actually get very bitter about this adventure of mine, and while jealously is an ugly thing, I’d like to remind everyone every trip has its highs and lows. I won’t pretend every second was amazing. There were times I wanted the ground to swallow me whole – from walking for 10 minutes in 47 degrees heat and wanting to collapse, to being cat-called every 5 minutes while walking along the street in New York, to falling off a couch drunk and damaging my back and having to venture to the doctors. Some days I have just laid in bed, or on my hosts couch and binge-watched Orange in the New Black. I failed miserably at archival research too, producing nothing of use. The things I did have that were useful, then disappeared when I lost my iphone at the airport – along with a whole bunch of my photos too.

Meeting up with Adam again, who I met at the start of my trip in Thailand, was a great end to this trip, and made it feel like I’d come a full-circle. Banff National Park in Canada was gorgeous, and I hope to finish a post on it shortly.

For now though, I've got to head back to reality. I came home to nine books to read, an interview with a law firm next week to prepare for, insurance claims to make for my trip to the doctors and a lost iPhone, accommodation to hunt down in Oxford and the next trip to plan! To help me get over the post-travel blues I'm going away again mid-September for a weekend to the Peak District with 5 friends! I'll write about that too, so keep posted :).

For now though, over and out.
Thanks for following, keep posted for updates of all the places I missed out writing about!
Scarlett xoxoxo.

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