Friday, 1 September 2017

Travel Route in the Middle East (Summer 2017)

Are you thinking of travelling to the Middle East? Are you looking for a safe route to do so? Look no further. I took this route in the summer of 2017 and it provided a wonderful variety of things to see and do! Of course, please be mindful of the political situation as it can be extremely volatile; be sure to check your government's recommendations before you go, not only because it may not be safe, but I have found it can null your travel insurance too.

Note, I travelled via Prague on the way to Israel as I managed to find cheaper flights via this option using WhizzAir. I stopped over for a few days to soak in the sights. 

I also heavily advise you to look at getting a visa into Jordan before you depart. The only way you can currently cross is through the Jordan River Border Crossing located on the Israeli side closest to a town called Beit She'an. [Correct as of August 2017]. The other border crossing, while often better located, require you to have a visa in advance. Getting across to Jordan is generally quite a hassle, but you can read about that in another post soon!

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