Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 Year-in-review + Plans for 2018!

So in this past year, I graduated from the University of my dreams and fell straight into unemployment. Well, actually, I have been employed - many, many times. I have done every type of work possible! But nothing others would consider 'normal' or 'conventional'. I cast asides my hopes of corporate law and have decided to lead an unconventional life for now. 

When it comes to online work I have been paid to comment on tech-related articles, conducted research for the Canadian History Channel, produced a preface for an archival series on historic steamboats, proofread countless books and articles, written content guides to several counties around the UK, and written a powerpoint for an Iraqi card company to present to the British and Iraqi government to gain the business of the Kurdistan government. I mean... that's just a small sample of the random work I have been doing.

I have also completed a load of promo work - I spent a month working for Volvo as a Welcome host, handed out champagne at the opening of a sofa store in Norwich, worked for Xbox at the EGX games show, directed people around a track at a biking competition, and stood in Tescos getting customers to try Maybelline products. 

In terms of travelling, over Easter I spent time in Denmark, Barbados, and the USA (Boston, Providence, Newport, D.C.). In the summer I then travelled to the Middle East and spent a month in Isreal, Palestine, and Jordan. 

USA, Denmark + Barbados.

Jordan, Israel + Palestine.

So what am I doing now? Naturally, I am doing what every person in my situation would do... right? And I have booked myself on a trip around-the-world. I have found a job that allows me to work remotely. I can write as many articles as I want every week which is handy. So, if I need more money on the road I can just work more to afford whatever I would like to do that week. They are all history-related too so I feel at least I'm doing something with my degree! 

Anyway - where am I going? Check out the interactive map below. To be honest I would have loved to go to some really rogue places but I also wanted to visit my sister in Australia. I have therefore settled on a more conventional trip. I am going to spend some time in Bali making money and enjoying the cheap cost-of-living before heading to Australia. I will then travel all down the east coast before spending a few weeks with my sister in Melbourne. After this, I am going to spend one month in New Zealand before flying to Hawaii. My parents are doing the second-half of Route 66 so I only have 2-3 weeks in Hawaii before flying to the mainland. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that, but I plan on being away for about eight months. 

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